Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Four Stars at RT Book Reviews for Something Sinful

Wahoo!  Score.  Sarah Johnson over at Reading the Past was kind enough to pull my coat that RT Book Reviews gave Something Sinful this way Comes a 4 star review. 
"The first installment in the McQueen was My Valley has an interesting storyline and is sinfully sexy!  The m/m/f comnection sizzles right off of the pages.  Mercury is spot on capturing the characters' emotions; readers will almost feel their desires and needs.  Literature buffs will recognize that the title is a play on words from Shakespeare and Bradbury, which actually fits into the story." --Jaime A. Geraldi

Thanks, Jaime!  And now for something completely different...

February 2013 RT Book Reviews
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And now the fun part:
My new hero.  Michael Fassbender.