Thursday, April 18, 2013

New book cover for Two Sirs, With Love

I've got a new book cover for Two Sirs, With Love, due out from Siren on May 6th:

That title was just BEGGING to be utilized, wasn't it?  Here is the blurb:

Felicity McQueen, fresh from her Dominatrix lifestyle in Europe, isn’t supposed to mention her past when she arrives at her sister’s Triple Play Lodge in Utah.  Ian Lawson is a mild-mannered accountant.  The highlight of his year is extending a tax deadline.  He longs to bust out in a wild adventure like the commandos he works for.
When he sets eyes on the tigress Mistress Felicity, he knows she’s the one who can fulfill his most forbidden fantasies.  But Dr. Victor Reznik has the same ideas.  He’s in town to nab a sicko transporting illegal exotic animals, and the three band up in an undercover sting.
With Felicity’s pleasure chest of toys, she instructs the innocent men in the bondage arts. The men become play partners to satisfy Felicity—and themselves.  Will they learn to play nicely with each other?  Or will they throw down their toys and go home once the smuggler is caught?
I imagined Felicity looking like Christina Hendricks from Mad Men.  She'd make a great Domme, don't you agree?
The other two men need no introduction:

Excellent trio, I think.