Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Cover Reveal: The Subject Was Rose

I am so proud to reveal my latest cover by the talented Les Byerley, The Subject Was Rose.

When you see the sinspirational photos I emailed Les you will see that he was spot on with at least one of the models.
For the billionaire cattle rancher Dom, Drake Stinson, I was sinspired by this gorgeous model, Stephen Ritts:
I've never used a model before as sinspiration.  I've always used actors because I like to see them walk, talk, move around.  I think Les's model is right on target.
The heroine was based on Georgia King, a Scottish actress who briefly appeared this year in The New Normal.  I actually liked that show before it was cancelled.  I must have the worst taste in shows because every one I like gets cancelled.  Every one I'm "meh" about gets renewed.  I just noticed the guy next to Georgia looks sort of Like Jeffrey Dahmer, serial killer.  I think it's her fianc√©.
Then the beta hero, the interior designer Jesse Factor.  I gave him blue-green eyes and made him 1/4th black, 1/4th Cherokee, and 1/2 Dutch.  I think that pretty well describes Jesse Williams, Dr. Avery from Grey's Anatomy:
I think Dr. Avery is the only decent "noob" on that show.  I can live without any of the others who have joined in the past five or so years.
So there you have my big cover reveal for The Subject Was Rose.  Here's a little blurbage until I get a buylink on Siren's site:

When three-star chef Rose Britton agrees to have her portrait painted by top designer Jesse Factor, she has no clue their sexy scenes would be so rudely interrupted by powerful billionaire cattle rancher Drake Stinson, who busts in like a Dominant house on fire.  After having sworn off men, suddenly Rose has two of them and quite a mess on her hands.

Drake has led a shallow, jet-setting lifestyle for decades.  Just as he decides to open up and allow a deeper relationship with Rose to form, he's confused by his heteroflexible passion for Jesse too.  Drake initiates the couple into the intricacies of his sexual power structure, and they all want much more than a trivial hookup. 

But Drake is haunted by a corrupt deal his father made fifteen years ago.  Now greasy Fed, Burt Macklin, is back demanding a multi-million dollar payoff for a large chunk of Drake’s ranch.