Monday, July 15, 2019

New Contract for my Historicals!

I am proud to announce I've just signed a new contract for my first three historicals brought out by Medallion Press in the 00s: The HinterlandsThe Four Quarters of the World, and Strangely Wonderful.  All three African-set historicals tell tales of derring-do in clashes between adventurers, colonials, and tribesmen.  Crossroad Press has purchased all three as a set called The Dark Continent, and they will be available in e-book form in August.

So to celebrate I had three new covers made:

Yes, there is a sword theme!  Look for them in about a month.  NOW!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Cover Reveal Alert!

Siren just sent me the sneak peek for the cover of Two Good Men, Book # in the Hell's Delight: Unbridled M/M series.

Two Good Men, Book #3

Everyone's  just looking for two good men.

Dodge Hendy, aspiring animal orthotist, is shocked and yet oddly thrilled by what he sees through Kingsize Taylor's window.  The recently divorced, bicurious Dodge is open to newcomers.  When King comes to the hotel to apologize to Dodge, two dead bodies they stumble across cry out for their assistance.  They can't leave this case unsolved.

Rodeo star Kingsize Taylor is swept away by Dodge's untouched beauty, his virginity.  King is ready to settle down and create a home with another man, but is skittish about Dodge's ten-year-old son Ryan.  He's never been monogamous with anyone with a kid before.

The plot thickens when they follow the main suspect to the gay rodeo.  Dodge, like the suspicious fumigator, is deathly afraid of being outed in a politically correct world.  But in his journeys with King through the underbelly of bawdy night clubs and forensics labs,  King realizes he's found the man everyone looks for.