Sunday, October 22, 2023

New BARE BONES MC Release! The Bitch is Bad is HERE!

 The Bitch is Bad is finally here! It's #11 in the BARE BONES MC series. It's a standalone and can be read out of order, or it's nice to revisit the older characters from prior books. Especially the elders Duji, Tuzigoot, and Faux Pas, who are weary of killing people and more into going to crafts fairs and the NYTimes crossword puzzle. Showing photos of their grandkids and discussing bucket lists ("I wanna go to Africa and wrestle a Cape Buffalo" "I wanna buy a camper and drive to Florida."

Drink up, drink up. Let me fill your cup with the promise of a man.
Creed Trucks has just purchased Pictures of Lily, a sprawling vineyard in Arizona. He’s a quietly confident zaddy, a cunning and suave businessman who gets what he wants. Little does the Silicon Valley magnate know, a crazed grifter moves up and down the red rock valley, extorting and scamming his way from wine cave party to truffle hunt. A top hipster poseur among glitterati and grapes.
Into this wild, broad canyon comes the least likely little girl. 

Patience Bedford is on the run from a murderous husband, a mother who farmed her out to modeling agencies to live the high life. Cops are no help, and even women’s shelters fear to harbor her. Patience goes black, popping up underground near Pure and Easy as office manager for a bud and breakfast owned by The Bare Bones MC.

Studying a painting that seems to be of Patience, Creed concludes her true identity, and she comes to work for Pictures of Lily. The May/December duo form an unbreakable sanctuary against the world. In their mutually respectful realm of BDSM, they learn to expand their roles, both inner and outer. How they buck off the burden on their shoulders gives them strength to go up against a hitman hired by Patience’s ex.
With the help of their new family, the famed motorcycle club helps them stare down the biggest foe of all, the grifting con man Oliver Klozov… and come out the other side with love unbroken and stronger than ever.

Publisher’s Note: This book is not for the faint of heart. It contains scenes of graphic sex, DDLG, May/December age play, illegal doings, consensual bondage and discipline (BONUS: kinbaku and shibari!), and violence in general. It’s a full-length novel of 53,000 words. There are no cheating or cliffhangers, and there are HEAs for all.

Monday, November 21, 2022

Italian and Spanish books are live!

  Now I've got Italian and Spanish editions of most of my books. I'm still working on the Spanish, but all of Layla Wolfe's books are there, and Italian even has Clair Voyant's books, my European pen name for my back catalogue. Go check them out if you're curious about motorcycle clubs and westerns in Italian and Spanish!👈