McQueen Was My Valley

#1  Something Sinful This Way Comes, December 2012

Xandra McQueen has a whole new lease on life after inheriting the Triple Play Lodge in Utah.  Rid of an abusive crime lord boyfriend, she revels in her new relationships with the former commando Nathan Horowitz and the gentle game warden, Julian “Fresh Air” Longtree.

But a stalker upsets her bucolic existence, breaking into her suite to steal photographs.  Nathan, running from the nightmare of his most recent African mission, puts his heart and soul into tracking down the blackmailing pervert.  But he just lost a beloved partner.  He BASE jumps from desert spires to help himself forget.  Why does he want to add not one but two more loves to the mix?
Xandra knows she has fallen for two damaged, broken spirits in Nathan and Julian.  Together, they race to unmask the stalker, piecing together the crimes as well as the mysteries of their menage.

"The first installment in the McQueen Was My Valley series has an interesting storyline and is sinfully sexy! The m/m/f connection sizzles right off the pages. Mercury is spot on capturing the characters' emotions; readers will almost feel their desires and needs.  Literature buffs will recognize that the title is a play on words from Shakespeare and Bradbury, which actually fits into the story." --Jaime A. Geraldi, RT Book Reviews--4 STARS ****

"I absolutely loved Something Sinful This Way Comes! Nathan, Xandra and Julian have amazing chemistry, and the honest playfulness of both Xandra and Julian was both refreshing and super sexy."--Silla Beaumont, Just Erotic Romance Reviews--4-1/2 STARS ****1/2

#2  Woman on Top, January 2013

Wild child Brooke McQueen has promised to behave, starting a new life at her sister’s Triple Play Lodge in Utah.  But she falls hard for the wounded mercenary and antiquities expert, Adrian Kinsey, and can’t keep her hands off him.  Adrian wants nothing to do with another woman after he was betrayed by a fiancée back east, and game warden Gabriel Verona offers to be a buffer zone between the destined lovers. 

The trio tries to pretend it’s all merely a lusty game of bondage and discipline as they hook up around the lodge.  They walk a delicate balance in their power plays, but Adrian can’t avoid his passion for Brooke forever. 

A despicable animal poacher they’ve nabbed vows revenge.  Emotions run deep as they scramble to keep one step ahead of the unbalanced criminal.  Brooke’s deepest desire is to emerge as the woman on top of every game.

"WOWZA! Ms. Mercury can always be counted on to produce a sexy and fun read and Woman on Top delivers! This second book in the McQueen Was My Valley series can be read independently and features some seriously luscious guy on guy action and a fun heroine trying to redeem her bad girl tendencies…and failing miserably... Truthfully, this book has some of the most erotic ménage action I’ve read in quite awhile…the scene in the barn will give me some super charged fantasies for months to come (pun intended). Be forewarned – Woman on Top has the potential to burn up your ereader, so be prepared!"--Silla Beaumont, Just Erotic Romance Reviews
#3  The Grass is Greener, March 2013 

Prim and proper doctor Sasha McQueen meets the dashing commando Rowan O’Shea at the scene of a terrorist bombing.  Her best friend’s last words, “Tony Danza,” mystify them.  When the bomber turns to stalking Sasha, he mingles with the fursuited fans at the Triple Play Lodge’s Great Utah Furfest, and he could be anyone in a cartoon disguise.
Sasha’s heart is hardened as she recovers from a lousy marriage.  She knows the grass isn’t greener on the other side of the fence.  But when she spies on Rowan getting frisky with the sweet boy-next-door game warden, Perry Donovan, her determination to avoid men goes out the window.  Their bondage forced orgasm games open up a wanton, wild side of Sasha she never knew existed.

Assisted by undercover Furries, the trio stalks the bomber instead of waiting to be preyed upon.  Together they discover love, security, and the answer to “what does Tony Danza have to do with anything?”
#4  Two Sirs, With Love, May 2013
 Felicity McQueen, fresh from her Dominatrix lifestyle in Europe, isn’t supposed to mention her past when she arrives at her sister’s Triple Play Lodge in Utah.  Ian Lawson is a mild-mannered accountant.  The highlight of his year is extending a tax deadline.  He longs to bust out in a wild adventure like the commandos he works for.
When he sets eyes on the tigress Mistress Felicity, he knows she’s the one who can fulfill his most forbidden fantasies.  But Dr. Victor Reznik has the same ideas.  He’s in town to nab a sicko transporting illegal exotic animals, and the three band up in an undercover sting.
With Felicity’s pleasure chest of toys, she instructs the innocent men in the bondage arts. The men become play partners to satisfy Felicity—and themselves.  Will they learn to play nicely with each other?  Or will they throw down their toys and go home once the smuggler is caught?