Wednesday, December 12, 2012

New Book Cover for #2

Woman on Top, January 2013
#2 in the McQueen Was My Valley series
Again my people are in a cave on a Utah mountaintop.  I don't really know why Brooke McQueen is wearing high heels, but I figure no one will really be able to see them.  It looks like the artist put an arch from Arches National Park between the two men which is cool.  The alpha hero in the middle is supposed to be Damian Lewis, and the guy with his back turned to us is Joe Manganiello.  Yeah.  Of Magic Mike fame.  He recently did a hilarious stint on How I Met Your Mother, brobeans.
Wild child Brooke McQueen has promised to behave, starting a new life at her sister’s Triple Play Lodge in Utah.  But she falls hard for the wounded mercenary and antiquities expert, Adrian Kinsey, and can’t keep her hands off him.  Adrian wants nothing to do with another woman after he was betrayed by a fiancée back east, and game warden Gabriel Verona offers to be a buffer zone between the destined lovers. 
The trio tries to pretend it’s all merely a lusty game of bondage and discipline as they hook up around the lodge.  They walk a delicate balance in their power plays, but Adrian can’t avoid his passion for Brooke forever. 
A despicable animal poacher they’ve nabbed vows revenge.  Emotions run deep as they scramble to keep one step ahead of the unbalanced criminal.  Brooke’s deepest desire is to emerge as the woman on top of every game.