Friday, July 12, 2013

Three of a Perfect Pair up for Preorder

Hey!  Three of a Perfect Pair, the followup to the popular Three Hearts Beat as One, is on preorder at Siren!  It's a standalone so you don't need to read #1 to enjoy the whacky antics in Hell's Delight, California, where you never know who you might run into next at Positive Vibrations, the sex toy shop.  The women of the Cultured Pearl biker society are always ogling the strap-on display (and our curvaceous heroines), the bookshop owner is always breathing on the latest copy of the voyeur's magazine, Look Now!, and everyone is enjoying Mickey Tart, the latest flavor at Pearson's yogurt shop, even though Ben Pearson has gone up the river for one to two years.

They’re at it again in the hamlet of Hell’s Delight. Katrina Abramson, recovering from a nasty breakup, is hosed by firefighter Alex Coldiron during the annual Fourth of July water fight between rival fire companies. She is sprayed right into cattleman Shane Jonas, on the run from his past. He has returned to confront his future.
Town reporter Alex knows Shane wants to mend fences with brother Devin and plans to write a heartwarming article. Instead, he’s thrust into a passionate triangle with the amorous couple, and Alex must face the truth about his sexuality. Katrina is swept into a thrilling power exchange with the two men where no one is ever sure who has the upper hand.
An exotic, shady character from Shane’s former life is lurking in the shadows, spying on their play sessions, and Shane's dangerous past is about to come full circle.