Friday, July 26, 2013

"Would You Rather?" over at Hennessee Andrews

Today I'm playing along with a boatload of other authors the "Would You Rather?" game over at Hennessee Andrews blog.  My question was: Karen Mercury, would you rather be blissfully ignorant or aware of everything at the possible expense of your happiness?

·         Well, you said possible expense of my happiness, so that leaves me an out, right?  Leaving happiness aside for a second—because I usually do—I think I’d rather be aware of everything.  I just recently started taping Jeopardy and watching it alone.  Yes, I know, how pathetic.  But I think it keeps my mind sharp.  I swear I don’t even pause the questions, and the other day I only got two—TWO!—questions wrong.  I’m all screaming at the screen, “The HMS Beagle!” and “Tycho Brahe!”
Don’t you totally hate it when the contestants bang away at that buzzer with their thumb, acting all consternated because it appears to be broken?  I prefer the contestants who hide the buzzer behind the podium and act all cool and collected.  Like they’re not even stressing or even banging away at the buzzer.  Their mind is so brilliant it just makes a magical “ding” sound and they casually answer, “What is Chief Justice Earl Warren?”
Alex Trebek must be the coolest cucumber in all of history.  How can he possibly pretend to be so damned enthusiastic and excited day after day, year after year?  He must be totally aware of everything.  I wonder if he wakes up at 2:15 AM yelling, “What are Vietnamese water puppets?”