Friday, August 30, 2013

Nice Ladies, Naughty Book

Today I'm celebrating my release day by hanging over at Nice Ladies, Naughty Books and talking about how I cast The Subject Was Rose.  There is Georgia King, the droolicious Stephen Ritts, and yes, even Dr. Avery from Grey's Anatomy.  We'll be giving away a free ebook copy of Rose to a lucky commenter so stop on in!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Subject Was Rose--in release at Siren!!

The Subject Was Rose is in release at Siren!  Check out the antics going on at Drake Stinson's Shining Lands Ranch in Last Chance.  Rose Britton has been celibate for a year, and suddenly she has two men and quite a mess on her hands.

And, just because...
I got a tiger.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

I Heart Books Giveaway

Jenika Snow has organized a fantastic giveaway that I'm participating in (I'm the one donating the Pomo Indian table runner).  Details:

The giveaway will run from 9/1-9/15. We have over 20 authors joining in on the fun, and a whole lot of awesome items included in the prizes. There is a Grand Prize, First Place, and Second Place. The Grand Prize is only available to US residents seeing as shipping overseas can be a bit expensive, but the first and second place are available to anyone. Here are the prizes being offered.

Grand Prize: $25 Amazon GC, $10 BookStrand GC (contributed by Stacey Espino),a gorgeous Native American table runner (contributed by Karen Mercury), 3 signed print books (Jennifer Salaiz, Taylor Berke, and Jenika Snow), 3 SWAG bags (Tara Rose, Jenika Snow, and Jennifer Salaiz), and a 21 eBook bundle pack. 



Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Subject Was Rose is up for preorder at Siren

My newest MMF, The Subject Was Rose, is up for preorder at Siren.  This is the followup to The Sublime Miss Paige and tells the story of lovely 3-star chef Rose Britton who meets her future lord and master, Drake Stinson, when he complains about her pepper pot soup.  Drake is struggling to break free of his hedonistic, self-centered past, and he can't handle it when he spies on Rose and the exotically beautiful Jesse Factor in a clinch in his kitchen.

When three-star chef Rose Britton agrees to have her portrait painted by top designer Jesse Factor, she has no clue their sexy scenes would be so rudely interrupted by powerful billionaire cattle rancher Drake Stinson, who busts in like a Dominant house on fire.  After having sworn off men, suddenly Rose has two of them and quite a mess on her hands.
Drake has led a shallow, jet-setting lifestyle for decades.  Just as he decides to open up and allow a deeper relationship with Rose to form, he's confused by his heteroflexible passion for Jesse too.  Drake initiates the couple into the intricacies of his sexual power structure, and they all want much more than a trivial hookup. 
But Drake is haunted by a corrupt deal his father made fifteen years ago.  Now greasy Fed, Burt Macklin, is back demanding a multi-million dollar payoff for a large chunk of Drake’s ranch.

2000 Fans Giveaway!

Today Michelle Bowman has announced a new contest on her We Love Kink blog.  About 20 authors are participating in the giveaway that will end a week from now.  I'm on there giving away Three of a Perfect Pair, so stop on in!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Ring of Fire!

Today I'm over at Laurie Roma's place discussing pet peeves when reading romances.  It's stimulating to see all the different responses, but I particularly liked Lori King and Tymber Dalton's responses.

Mine went:  KAREN MERCURY: What gets my goat is when a writer has obviously borrowed a very hackneyed phrase from another writer.  I’ve seen it steamroll that way.  I’ll read the stale phrase—for example, how her gown “pooled at her feet” when a hero took it off.  A month later, you’ll read someone else using the exact same phrase.  It steamrolls from there, and pretty soon every single book has a gown pooling on the floor. Same thing with a man “claiming” a woman’s mouth with his.  I first read that in gothic romances in the 80s.  Pretty soon men were claiming more than mouths. They were staking claims on female body parts all over the place!  If you’re going to borrow a hackneyed phrase, make one up yourself.  My favorite is “slithering.”  I like how satin “slithers” between a hero’s fingers.  You can borrow that.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Read the First Chapter of Two of A Perfect Pair--FREE

Three of a Perfect Pair is available from Siren-Bookstrand HERE or at Amazon HERE.


Hell’s Delight 2


Copyright © 2013

Chapter One

“Thank God you’re here.”

Katrina Abramson grabbed her coworker by the arm and jerked her behind the voter registration booth. “Here are the forms, pens, Gatorade, and bumper stickers saying ‘Vote for Skip Mesquite.’”

“I thought we weren’t supposed to endorse any one candidate,” her coworker said dully.

“You’re right—we’re not.” Katrina raced madly from the booth as though fleeing an avalanche. It was the Fourth of July. She shouldn’t be standing behind a boring booth in a ninety-degree oven trying to push the least popular agenda at the Frontier Days Fiesta. She had only agreed to it because she had just broken up with her boyfriend, Marco, and thought it might help occupy her on a holiday where traditionally she was eating corn dogs, watching fireworks, and participating in a wet T-shirt contest—all for charity, of course. She usually won the wet T-shirt contest, too.

Katrina dashed past booths selling hemp hammocks, pyramids to communicate with one’s dead cat, bonsai, and tie-dyed T-shirts. Her goal was the beer truck. Katrina didn’t even normally drink beer. But today, what with the heat, the boredom of the voting booth, and having caught sight of Marco strolling with his arm draped over a strange girl’s shoulder, Katrina suddenly wanted one. Badly.

Ah. That cup of beer sure hit the spot. Immediately Katrina got back into line to purchase another cup. She danced back and forth on her feet, antsy. She wanted to leap over the counter, tear the smiling, affable workers away, and pour a pitcher of beer for herself. What the fuck is Marco thinking? Showing up in public so soon after we split? Everyone in town knows we were a couple for five years. You could at least show me the respect of not parading your bimbo all over the fair.