Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Subject Was Rose is up for preorder at Siren

My newest MMF, The Subject Was Rose, is up for preorder at Siren.  This is the followup to The Sublime Miss Paige and tells the story of lovely 3-star chef Rose Britton who meets her future lord and master, Drake Stinson, when he complains about her pepper pot soup.  Drake is struggling to break free of his hedonistic, self-centered past, and he can't handle it when he spies on Rose and the exotically beautiful Jesse Factor in a clinch in his kitchen.

When three-star chef Rose Britton agrees to have her portrait painted by top designer Jesse Factor, she has no clue their sexy scenes would be so rudely interrupted by powerful billionaire cattle rancher Drake Stinson, who busts in like a Dominant house on fire.  After having sworn off men, suddenly Rose has two of them and quite a mess on her hands.
Drake has led a shallow, jet-setting lifestyle for decades.  Just as he decides to open up and allow a deeper relationship with Rose to form, he's confused by his heteroflexible passion for Jesse too.  Drake initiates the couple into the intricacies of his sexual power structure, and they all want much more than a trivial hookup. 
But Drake is haunted by a corrupt deal his father made fifteen years ago.  Now greasy Fed, Burt Macklin, is back demanding a multi-million dollar payoff for a large chunk of Drake’s ranch.