Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sirenistas in Vegas

So last weekend I met up with some fellow Siren writers in Las Vegas.  We stayed at the South Point which is south of the airport, sort of a self-contained little world with a horse arena and some romance writers who wished the rodeo was THIS WEEK.

From L to R, here are Siobhan Muir, Susan Hayes, Laurie Roma, Erika Reed, Marla Monroe, Yours Truly, and Reggie Alexander!  Oh, and looks like Marla's got Bondage Bunny. 

I tried writing in my room and got about 500 words before I realized it'd be much more fun to read Corinne Davies' latest Sanctuary book down by the pool, so that didn't get too far.  I already miss everyone!  We vowed to make it an annual deal, except next time...WHEN THE INDIAN RODEO IS THERE!

Here's a real good shot of Laurie Roma and Susan Hayes.  Till next year!