Friday, December 27, 2013

Her Master's Choice at Amazon!

Her Master's Choice is finally available on Amazon. 

My first MF-BDSM has hit the shelves and I'm nervous as hell!  I'm wondering whether this new genre will welcome me, or if it'll go over like a lead zeppelin.  I had a great time writing this book and I hope there will be many more in this series.

When Shannon Bloomfield hears a rumor that an influential, anonymous food critic is visiting her restaurant, she has no idea it’s the exotic bad-boy Tate Gooding, who holds her fate in his culinary hands. Tate, burned out on the club circuit life and traveling around the U.S. for his guidebook company, wants a deeper, more meaningful relationship with the three-star chef. 

Tate instructs Shannon in a thrilling new realm of private—and public—play, pushing her limits with every new scene.  Shannon discovers that her inner “Force-Me Queen” is an expert tease, skilled at keeping Tate on the edge.

But a creepy stalker has photos and threatens to expose Tate’s cover and their back alley scenes. Tracking down the culprit brings the couple closer than ever in their power plays, and Shannon learns that breaking out of her comfort zone is an arousing adventure when it’s Her Master’s Choice.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Her Master's Choice--First Chapter


Bound to Please 1


Copyright © 2013

Chapter One

“Did he describe it as an ‘orgasmic explosion’?”

Shannon Bloomfield giggled. She dug her forearms into the comfortable position on her desk where she often hunkered down and Skyped with her BFF, Natasha Woolf. The two women got a sheer kick out of ruthlessly tearing apart food critic Bletchley Park. His purple prose and use of absurd metaphors made him the laughingstock of the foodie world—but maybe that was why he was so popular. People enjoyed “hate reading” his blog just so they could revel in savagely picking it apart later.

Natasha tossed her hair over her shoulder. “No, this time he went for ‘a regular tornado of flavors.’”

“Hoo, boy,” said Shannon. “He’s getting into the weather metaphors now. ‘A seismic cataclysm of cilantro and cumin.’”

Natasha laughed until her eyes were wet then took another sip of her hibiscus tea. She liked to pour it into a margarita glass so she could pretend they were enjoying cocktails, but they usually had too much work to indulge in that. Natasha had to leave her apartment soon to head to her new restaurant in the suburbs of Tucson. The two women used to work together here in the hills of Berkeley—thus the name of Shannon’s restaurant, The Wolf and The Fox.

Monday, December 9, 2013

The Good Switch is up for preorder!

The Good Switch is up at Siren for preorder now!  I'm happy to introduce you to chef Natasha Woolf who bears an uncanny resemblance to Angie Harmon.

She is having all sorts of troubles with her unruly delinquent teen Corey, but any second now the dashing Ari Braverman will step up to take control of the chaos of poor Natasha's life.  Thank God for Ari.  Now Natasha can concentrate on showing him what a GOOD SWITCH she can be and not have to think about her son's latest car crash for a few minutes.