Friday, January 10, 2014

The Substantial Gift is on preorder!

The Substantial Gift is on preorder at Siren! 

 He walked in and her life began again.
Two worlds collide when adventurous ranching heiress Violet Stinson clashes with dark and complicated rodeo champion Harper Davies.  Both on the run from tragic pasts, Violet numbs her pain with food, Harper with anonymous, rough sex with other men at The Racquet Club.
They share in common their lust for playboy jet-setter Sinclair Nieman.  The unlikely trio bonds over a stolen menu from an old bordello.  When Violet has a particular nostalgia for re-enacting the Doctor’s Orders item, Harper knows it’s time to surrender to a woman again.
After a long, destructive marriage, Violet has been ignorant about love.  It is a difficult, soul-searching, substantial gift for her to express love to her two younger men.  When her past catches up with her in the form of a greaseball stalker, Harper and Sinclair are there to prove themselves worthy of her ultimate gift.