Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Thrilled to Announce a New Siren Book and Series!

Just got my new book cover for Two For the Road, an MM spinoff of my popular Hell's Delight series.  Absolutely LOVE it!  I think the main guy looks like Clive Owen, who modeled the cow boss hero, Balthazar Aquino.

What happens when two Doms clash, each one trying to get the upper hand?

Balthazar:  The serene life on the range at Hardscrabble Ranch came to a sudden end when my sister vanished.  I switched from being a rough and ready cow boss to a sleazy detective in the Hell's Delight underbelly, putting clues together to find her. 

Why did I let that lean, mean fireman Oly partner up with me?  He stands for everything I crave and everything I fear. 

Olin:  I've lived a closeted life in Northern California until returning to Hell's Delight.  I want to dominate that sinewy cowboy Balt, to force him to comply with me in nasty and wicked scenes.  I'm backed up against a wall when I find out Balt wants the same dirty things—to dominate and control.

The serial killer trail is growing hot.  There's no time for childish battles.

Never give the devil a ride. He’ll always want the reins.