Thursday, July 25, 2013

Three of a Perfect Pair is released at Siren

Three of a Perfect Pair is now zooming up the charts at Siren.  It's the followup to the popular Three Hearts Beat as One that was released "way back" in February.  I'm currently writing Book #3, Three for All, which will be my last submission before shoulder surgery.  I had a bizarre archery accident back in December and they need to fix my rotator cuff.  I'll be in a sling for six weeks.  I heard that speaking software doesn't work so well for erotic romance writers.  We have so much slang and language that's specific to us that we wind up wasting more time tweaking the software.  So I'm going to try and type and mouse with only my left hand.  Wish me luck.

In the meantime, since I won't bore you with the cover again, here's an update on Myshkin Gitchy Goomy.  She's over 50 pounds now.  She's getting tall and leggy and looks like a little fuzzy brown colt with her hind legs longer than her front. 

With my niece, Mari

Doesn't she complement the furniture?

This is her opinion of Ted Nugent

Myshkin and her BFF, the Chihuahua from down the street

Until then, happy reading!