Monday, September 23, 2013

Three For All is on Preorder!

Three For All has hit the shelves at Siren! 
Widowed Hannah O’Loughlin can’t believe the two hottest men in Hell’s Delight seem to want her.  Colt Gatling owns the Lay-Z-Boy Ranch that she tried unsuccessfully to buy.  She should hate Colt, but is drawn to his powerful physique and dominant ways.  And tattooed sex toy shop manager JD Harmon is a dangerous showstopper with his erotic gypsy eyes. 
Hannah doesn’t want to burden JD and Colt with her old baggage.  She needs to restore her reputation after her husband was murdered in Montana, but a whackjob with a bad mullet, Roscoe Flantz, is pinning the blame on her. 
You can’t keep a good man down, and JD and Colt race to protect Hannah from the unfashionable stalker who insists that all he wants is her dead husband’s plastic dinosaur.  JD and Colt are hell-bent to prove to Hannah that they love her, even with past baggage.  They’re in it…Three For All.